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Lash Shampoo

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Made of 98% naturally sourced ingredients, the Natural Lash Shampoo is ultra-gentle, vegan, sulfate-free, GMO-free, gluten-free and not tested on animals. Its unique formula with prebiotics helps prevent the appearance of bad bacteria. Its high-performance foam with apple stem cells removes impurities from the root of the lashes to the tips for purified lashes. You’ll be delighted by its fresh green apple scent.

This NEW Lash Shampoo is revolutionary with its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and anti-aging ingredients to deeply purify and protect lashes. It cleanses the skin of the eyelids and the most sensitive eyelash extensions, relieves tired eyes and effectively prevents itching. The 100% organic Aloe Vera gel has a moisturizing, soothing and protective effect. The Lash Shampoo is rich in vitamins and minerals and leaves a pleasant feeling of softness to the skin. For all skin types. For natural lashes and eyelash extensions.

Size: 100ml

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