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Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatments

Because your eyes are priceless!

OPTIMUM EYE PROTECTION  The Misencil technique is by far the safest and the only one that requires the application of patches to protect the lower lashes and upper eyelids so that eyes remain closed throughout the entire procedure. 

RESPECT OF THE NATURAL LASH Your natural lashes will be thoroughly analyzed to ensure that they will be able to support your eyelash extensions and continue to grow naturally.  

HYPOALLERGENIC SYNTHETIC EXTENSIONS  All Misencil eyelash extensions are synthetic and contain no chemical additives or animal material to ensure there are no allergic reactions. 

GOLD-TIP TWEEZERS Because of its constant focus on application quality, Misencil provides its technicians with gold-tipped tweezers for clients who have become sensitive to metals other than gold. 

TESTED, CLINICALLY PROVEN PRODUCTS All Misencil products are developed in a laboratory, backed by clinical studies, and undergo a series of tests to ensure quality and effectiveness. 

To experience a Misencil® service translates to comfort, security and irreproachable technique. Moreover, Misencil is proud to be the first on the market to completely eliminate sodium bromate, a potential carcinogenic. After years of research, this is the new generation of Misenlift® eyelash enhancement! 


Misencil Eyelash Extensions - Full Set
Misencil Eyelash Extensions - Refill
Lashlift With Tint
Eyelashes Tint
Eyebrows Tint


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