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Duo Vivescence Cleansing gel + Active Prevention Cream

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Triple-Action cleansing gel: 45ml

This active gel, which is intended for daily use on all skin types, cleanses and awakens the skin, day after day, without damaging it. The refining properties of the microbeads, combined with pore unclogging actives, doubles the gel's mechanical and biological effectiveness, for genle exfoliation and optimal smoothing action. It's peptide-enriched formula helps prevent the first signs of aging.


Active Prevention Light-weight Cream: 45ml

The first treatment formulated to stimulate the skin's well-being and to hydrate and maintain its youthful appearance.

- Double hydration; its water-trapping effect provides instant and on going hydration.

-Dual-action anti-aging prevention ;  protection againts environmental aggressors and fights the first signs of aging. For combination to oily skin.

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